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My Hero


This is my hero and he currently rests on my office desk constantly watching benevolently and gracefully upon me as I work away on my laptop. In his heyday, my hero was known by his nickname, Bhusuku or three lower actions – namely eating, sleeping and defecating.                [Read more…]


The Tantric Approach

The Tantric Approach


Tantra, that ubiquitous term is often used and misused in equal measures. Unfortunate for some, Tantra is not about sex per se. However, there is a lot of sensual, sexual and somewhat primal references and imagery in Tantra.            [Read more…]




Tenzin Obtacle


Last weekend, Rinpoche gave an amazing talk and bestowed refuge upon a very fortunate bunch of refuge-seekers. It brought back some warm and fuzzy memories for me as I recalled my own refuge.  [Read more…]


Arya Dzambala

Arya Dzambala



Dzambala was a yaksha, a type of being that existed before that is very fat, very short and very stout and very strong. They are celestial and they have the power of wealth. They are very, very wealthy. [Read more…]


Catching Up - Photos from a Media Gathering of my book.

Catching Up – Photos from a Media Gathering of my book.


I know I have been lazy and not been blogging for the longest time. But that doesn’t mean that I have not been doing stuff. I just had my media launch of my book at MPH Bookstores in One Utama…   [Read more…]


What’s Up with Me Lately…



I had a lovely 45 Minutes of LIVE National Airtime on TraxxFM talking about my book, of course – There’s No Way But Up. [Read more…]


Rainbow Buddha


A while ago, the thought of addressing homosexuality in Buddhism did arise in my mind and I wanted to blog about it but that idea was shelved as I was lazy (my biggest vice) and I had to do some research on this matter. [Read more…]


Prince Siddhartha


Prince Siddhartha’s renunciation is often interpreted as removing worldly clinging to his wife, family, inheritance, power and glory. He knew he couldn’t really help his wife and family from the ravages of sickness, old age and death. [Read more…]




Well, it is not to be mistaken to be just one book, it is actually a genre of books that was started of by Dipamkara Srijnana Atisha. Rinpoche gave a wonderful account of the story of Atisha in KH regarding his travels to Tibet at the request of one of the Tibetan chieftains, Jangchub O.                 [Read more…]



Bhaisajyaguru – The Medicine Guru!


Lady luck must have been shining down on me because I received an sms invitation to H. E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche’s ‘cave’ last night. (I know Rinpoche would probably laugh at my apparent enthusiasm!) When I got there, he told me that I will be joining him in a Medicine Buddha puja for sick Mumu – his sick Schnautzer. [Read more…]


Billions of Buddhas in One


Enshrined within the new KH Gompa are three large statues of Lama Tsongkhapa, Vajrayogini and Setrap. Combined, there would be a staggering 493.4 billion Buddha images within these three statues.           [Read more…]


Much Ado About Future Buddhas


I was at a fantastic Liaison’s meeting yesterday and just before the meeting began, Rinpoche gave a wonderful little explanation about how the Buddhas will manifest on the very same spot and how we can connect with them in our future lives. [Read more…]


A Cave Hideaway


After the brief visit to the Arowana fish farm, we had a delicious vegetarian lunch and planned our visit to Kek Look Tong cave temple.  [Read more…]


Uruvasti : Light of the Morning Star


Nicholas Roerich, also known as Nikolai Konstantinovich Rerikh (Russian: Никола́й Константи́нович Рéрих; October 9, 1874 – December 13, 1947), was a Russian painter, philosopher, scientist, writer, traveler, and public figure.            [Read more…]


The New Kechara House Opens!


Finally! The day that all Kecharians have been eagerly awaiting! The inauguration of the new Kechara House Gompa has finally come! Well, the inauguration took place last night. [Read more…]


Escape to Nepal


Some friends just returned from Nepal and they got me dreaming about Nepal. I would like to go to Nepal too but I guess I can’t afford it at this time. The next best thing would be to travel with my mind.                   [Read more…]


A Real Job?


My friend shared that his siblings were giving him a hard time because he just joined Kechara as a full time staff a few months back. They were Christians but they didn’t use the religious card.  [Read more…]


A Walk Down Kechara’s Memory Lane


We just celebrated Rinpoche’s birthday last night at the main Kechara House’s prayer hall, which is also affectionately known as KH1. The hosts for the event, Margaret Lee and Dino (for Chinese) pointed out that it would the last major event held at KH1. [Read more…]


Buddhism In Malaysia



Back in school, I learned during history class that Hindu-Buddhist beliefs were once widespread throughout the Malay archipelago (that includes modern-day Malaysia).The Indian traders and merchants brought over their beliefs, culture and religion as they were blown over by the Indian Sea winds. [Read more…]


Why Do You Sell Dharma Books?


KMP, the publications office that I am working for is currently having a roadshow in 1 Utama – a popular suburban mall. However, the roadshow spans over 21 days and our manpower is really stretched out. We even had Deborah Pereira, our dear production’s manager help out with manning the roadshow both.  [Read more…]


KMP – Best workplace in the world.


I know this is way overdue but I am going to post up some pictures of KMP (Kechara Media and Publications). I have never worked in such a beautiful office before. The showroom of Volvo (one of my previous jobs) was not bad too but I was a lousy salesman.  [Read more…]


My Lil Personal Shrine…


I promised a facebook friend that I will take a photo of my shrine to share with him. So I thought I share it here with anyone who would chance upon this blog. [Read more…]