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Bulgarian Seer

29 Jun

I came across this article a year ago and had bookmarked it to read later. It was extremely fascinating to read of this seer the likes of Nostradamus. In Buddhism, clairvoyance to see into the future, past and present (in faraway remote places) is not impossible. In fact, when we become enlightened, we achieve omniscience to…

My late mom

22 Jun

My mom passed away earlier this year just before Chinese New Years’ and it caught everyone by surprise. My mom was just 66 years old! Just the year before, she was struggling with her weight – she was loosing a lot of weight after a holiday trip and she was quite ill and that was…

Alexandrite Dharma

7 Jun

Earlier this year, I was invited to have dinner with Rinpoche, Pastor Seng Piow, Albert and Pastor Niral Patel. It was a fun occasion with Rinpoche and as always, casual dinner and light conversation was always infused with Dharma one way or another. This was no different. We had dinner and in between lots of…