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Of Crazy Wisdom & Spiritual Guides

28 Feb

Chogyam Trungpa conjures up a lot of interesting imagery besides being a Dharma teacher. He’s married, he’s an eccentric, philosopher, womanizer, drunkard, artist… and the list goes on. Whatever he is, he’s definitely the product of his time. We must come understand him through his audience first. His very first circle of students came to him…

Reading List

27 Feb

Yeah! That’s me reading and trying real hard to digest this very technical and deep book called “Tsongkhapa’s Praise for Dependent Relativity” by Lobsang Gyatso and Graham Woodhouse. It is an assignment from Tsem Rinpoche to read this book in a month and digest its entrails. Fortunately, it is only 123 pages long but it…

My Office Shrine

23 Feb

This is my little office shrine. It is a little quirky and little traditional, which kinda reflects me. I know it seems like a hodge-podge of mismatched devotional and decorative items put together into a space that I call my office shrine. I didn’t realized how it evolved into this but it just came together…

The Coolest Gift Ever!

23 Feb

The Coolest Gift Ever!

Do you believe in God?

13 Feb

Disclaimer : This conversation is just a friendly discussion of the God creator-theory and I have no intentions to insult any God-fearing person. I found it thought provoking and so I have reproduced here with minimal editing for people to form their own conclusions.  Me :I don’t believe in God Friend : Oh… So you…

Fang’s Birthday Liberation

6 Feb

Birthday celebrations for most people are usually celebrated with a birthday cake, colourful balloons, shiny bright presents and a huge banquet just for the birthday boy/girl. Well, its Fang’s birthday and I was little late in blogging about this but anyway, here it is. Well, it began with a nice idea from Fang to have…