What Would Rinpoche Like For His Birthday?

22 Oct

The whole of Kechara organisation is right now gearing up towards Rinpoche's birthday just two days from now. So, I keep hearing people whispering and asking each other what they should get for Rinpoche's birthday. Therefore, I thought I list here some of the things that Rinpoche likes (from my memory) so it might give you a hint of what you guys can get for Rinpoche. The following are just an indication and whatever offering you give to Rinpoche, he will appreciate it and offer it to the 3 Jewels on your behalf.


Manjushri, Lama Tsongkhapa, Yamantaka, Vajrayogini & Pelden Hlamo

Manjushri2006A Manjushri

Tsongkhapa5visions2007E Lama Tsongkhapa

Yamantaka2007B Yamantaka


The Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa & Gandhi

Dalai_Lama H. H. The Dalai Lama

Mahatma_gandhi Mahatma Gandhi

Mother Teresa  Mother Teresa


Madonna, Donna Summer, Fleetwood Mac (Stevie Nicks), Jefferson Starship, Journey & Mary J Blige

Madonna  Madonna

Cover-7827  Fleetwood Mac

Yhst-86439480321097_1990_128768583 Donna Summer


First Generation Star Trek Series, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, Mission Stardust, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Jeepers Creepers and much more… (Good Horror, Sci-fi & Classics of Joan Crawford, Bette Davis & Liz Taylor movies mostly)

Startrekoriginalseries   First Generation Star Trek Series

51I1hCHi9fL._SL500_AA300_Mission Stardust

What-ever-happened-to-baby-jane-2-disc-special-edition-1962-dvd-14264992Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
Other Misc Favs

Grace Jones, Mountains, Napoleon Cake, Meditation, Vegetarianism, Mumu & Ozer (Rinpoche's Schnautzers), Animals, Momos, Milkshakes, Thick Fries and the list goes on…

Grace-jones-bumper  Grace Jones

Nature_Mountains Mountains and trees

Napoleon slice 4   Napoleon Cake            

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