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10 Nov

While I lay at home recovering from a bout of horrible flu, I checked out what's the latest at the cinemas. I realised that Harry Potter is back. Well, the end of the year is coming up and it figures. Time to cash in on holiday-makers. 

This time, it is the finale but they didn't want this cash cow to die so soon. So they have split the finale to 2 parts. How exciting! Now we have another dreaded cliffhanger for this year end and we have to wait for a whole year to catch the real finale! Anyway, I have loaded some nice juicy pictures to whet your appetite before the actual movie comes in. 


A nice brooding picture of Mr Potter….


Oh no! The dreaded Voldemort is back again! He is same ole, same ole… still without a nose. He obviously haven't heard of rhinoplasty surgery. Poor guy! No wonder he is mad at Potter.


Hahaha! My favourite pic….He had used magic to spawn many gay versions of himself. (Especially the bright blue cardigan one)


Ok, Harry Potter has got me zapped! I can't wait for this movie! Due out on the 17th November 2010. Gosh! I sound like a paid ad! I wished GSC or Warner Bros would pay me so I can sponsor KMP. 


Another movie, I am looking forward to is The Social Network… Sounds exciting! 


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