My name is A-long ~ Inspired by a real-life tale of a 6-year old with AIDS

6 Dec

I love Blackie! He is so fun to play with and will always lick me and run around with me all day long. He loves to smell me and come very close to me. No one else dares to do that anymore. I don't know what I did to scare them away. I was always very nice, cheerful and I was never mean to any of the village children but they all stayed away. 

Maybe they think I made my papa and mama very sick. Maybe they think I made my papa and mama die but…. I didn't do it! I swear! I love them very much. I really didn't do anything to them. I am a very good boy now. I have always been a very good boy. I cook by myself now, I also wash myself, go to toilet and I even learn to read… all by myself. Last time, I went to school and the teacher taught me a few words and so I always try to read at night. 

I used to be very scared at night and I would cry to sleep every night. Now, I cry sometimes because I miss my papa and mama very much but they are gone now. Ah Mah told me that they have gone to heaven and are very happy there. I wish they would take me too. I miss them very much. Ah Mah is very kind. She comes to feed the chickens and cooks lunch for me. She taught me how to clean my clothes and wash myself.

But she won't stay and she won't take me with her. I saw uncle come and scold her for coming to see me. He is very mean man and he don't like me but Ah Mah still comes everyday. Sometimes, Ah Mah would come and bring big friends. They dress very nice and some carry big black camera and take pictures of me. They are very nice and ask me a lot of questions. They would even give me sweets and some food but they would leave also. 

Anyway, I am happy. Ah Mah told me that I should be happy and I must tell them I am happy. With Ah Mah and Blackie, I am very happy. They are very nice to me and I love them very much. When I grow up, I will go out of this village and make a lot of money to make Ah Mah and Blackie very happy.


This story was inspired by the real life account of A-long in Tsem Rinpoche's blog:-

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