Flea Market Adventure

3 Jan

We are already on our 3rd Week of our flea market adventure. This adventure is a combined effort of Jean Ai, Shin, James, Bonita and myself based on what the older student’s of Rinpoche used to do when times were bad. Rinpoche recalls fondly of this in his blog- http://blog.tsemtulku.com/tsem-tulku-rinpoche/2010/12/flea-market-at-amcorp-mall.html So to kickstart this endeavour, Rinpoche gave us a lot of stuff to sell in the flea market. Just in case you were wondering, our flea market is held in the suburban Amcorp Mall, that is famous in all of Petaling Jaya for its weekend flea markets. 

Our flea market is on every Sunday (till Chinese New Year) from 10 am till 6pm. Our stall is usually located on the 1st floor. 

Amcorp mall

Although for the first weekend, our stall was on the lower ground floor where all the other antique and second hand resellers congregated with their junk, antiques and curios. The crowd there was also thicker but we never got back to the same location again. When I enquired at the event management, they told me that those stalls have been there for more than 10 years and management have allocated newer stalls selling second hand items on the 1st floor. Oh well! 


The flea market begins with layout of our ‘haul’ of the day on the table. Bonita got us a nice stainless steel rack to display books, CDs and DVDs. Naturally, we also get a lot pre-loved cuddly soft toys as you can see here.


Bonita makes headway with the passerbys while I was just admiring the soft toy. Jean Ai told me the turtle toy was from Wee Liang and I remarked, “It looks just like him!” She agreed with a laugh. 


We were very fortunate to have lots of Nepalese and Tibetan paraphernalia (that were given by Rinpoche as well) that eventually became the bestsellers of the day. Pictured with me are Matthieu and Julian Morriset – Margaret’s boys that Jean Ai brought along every weekend. They make good slaves, show-stoppers with their mischievous antics and they do look good in pictures. 


Mr Yee, our regular patron of our flea market stall is proud of the beautiful items he is inviting including the Manjushri fiery wisdom sword held by Shin Tan. I was playing with it for awhile and contemplating to get it but I am happy nonetheless that Mr Yee got it instead. (I know! So YSG and that stands for ‘You’re So Goooood!’ :o) )


Jean Ai loves kids! She loves them and she plays with them and she is good with kids and she’s also part of the fledgling Kechara Youth group. She got Matthieu and Julian in to help out at the flea market. Besides them, we had Sharon’s son, Sean (pictured here sitting next to Jean Ai), Edward (picture here in orange) and Beatrix (both are Angel’s kids) along with mummy Angel. We also had Phillip Yong, the young intelligent guy with glasses in the picture below.

It is great that so many of these young people help out at the flea market. First of all, it is FUN and second of all, they get to spend their time doing something beneficial and if they help out long enough, they might even learn to value money (most parents would heartily agree that they need this) . Not to mention, we spread the name of Kechara, Tsem Rinpoche and the Dharma. 


So… Come one! Come all! And enjoy great bargains!

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