I was attacked!

1 Apr

I was attacked by Amnesiac Monster who had a sidekick called Laziness. They both pack a powerful punch and quickly overpowered me. Well… Not really.

I was just busy and I had completely forgotten about this ole' blog. So much has happened since the last post and it would fill a whole big book if I were to update about what happened in between posts. Anyway, I have just an hour before Lamrim class and flea market packing, I thought I resume a blog. I realised I had nothing really substantial formed in my head so I am just writing out what comes immediately to mind. 

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day at Amcorp Mall, setting up booth and ending it with makeup, a tight trashy little dress and a handbag to match. Looks like I am going to die as a man and reincarnate as a trashy drag queen. Well, it is going to be a photoshoot and I am going to be the unwitting star as a drag queen. If you do see me on site (somewhere in town), please don't wolf-whistle and lose your concentration while you drive. You might crash your car and I ain't going to pay for your car repair's hunny! 

Well, until the next post… See ya hunny! 



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