You don’t impress me much!

23 Jun

(In order to safeguard the identity of this person, I took the liberty to change the details of these people so as not to offend anyone. So, please don't jump to quick conclusions about the identities of these people.)

This afternoon, I went for lunch with this person, who has a sibling in the Dharma. It was a fun vegetarian lunch and everything was hunky-dory, even when we started talking about her cousin. You see, her cousin had been working in the Dharma for a while now. That seemed very noble of her but actually, her cousin had been occasionally helping her out with her stipend but is still receiving crap treatment from her. (Excuse my French but you know what I mean.)

This family member takes from her cousin emotionally and financially but portrays herself to be a smart and loving person to the world. She takes her cousin for granted on very small issues and expect 'family' to take care of the nitty-gritties. She is not even that closely related but demands so much more. Hence, whatever Dharma work this person does, it does not impress her cousin. 

On the bright side, the cousin notices that she has improved and is much better at handling difficult situations without losing her cool. However, this does little justice to what she do at home and all she need to do is to bring Dharma home. I don't really know what advice to dispense and so I would tell her to be patient and give her some time, as her cousin does more Dharma work, she will learn to appreciate others and will transform naturally.

I try to sound as assured as I can although I am not confident inside as the issues momentarily made me introspective as well. 

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