A New Abode

14 Jul

Hartamas Regency 2 -2

Due to monetary reasons, Paul (my housemate) and myself have been looking towards moving for sometime to lower our rental cost. Simulataneously, my mum has an apartment in the Hartamas area and she had recently asked me to find someone to rent the place because she didn't want to live in this 1600 square feet apartment.

So, I asked her to allow me to go over to take photos of this place and here are some of the photos I have taken of it. It is a nice tidy little place and I remarked that maybe one day I would like to stay here. She jumped on the topic and asked me to consider it and added that I don't need to pay her a single sen. She had already paid the apartment in full except for the monthly management and amenities fees. 

I spoke to Paul and Jace (both remaining housemates of Heruka House) about it. I even took them on a tour of the place and they liked it. Eventually, Paul accepted as it would help him to save quite a bit of money. 


The beautiful hall of the apartment faces the balcony with a breathtaking view of the Hartamas area including a Turkish-looking mosque in the distance. 

My mum had this console installed for a flat screen TV. Now, we just need a flat screen and we are set. Unfortunately, most of us wouldn't be free to watch. Perhaps Zamkar (Paul's white schnautzer) would want to learn how to operate the TV remote. 


The cabinets in the kitchen is fully done up with cabinets along with the state-of-the-art electrical stove and exhaust hood above the stove. No excuse for not cooking and saving money from now onwards.  

The apartment has 3 bedrooms and each have a bathroom either next to it or attached. This is the master bedroom and my mum got the wardrobe and table all done up. I like the brown walnut colour, quite classy. Not bad colours from my mum.  

The breath-taking view from the balcony of the apartment.


The view of the pool area from the balcony and I can plan where I want to land if I were to commit suicide. There are the usual apartment facilities like the gym and others but I like the pool. Perhaps, I could skinny deep in the pool if I ever get a chance. What do you guys think? You like?

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