What’s a Moleskine?

21 Jul


A Moleskine is basically the most expensive notebook in the world! Well I can’t vouch for that statement but it is the most expensive notebook in any bookstore in Malaysia. Only a few stationery shops carry these yummilicious notebooks.


Well, this is not a paid advertisement although I wouldn’t mind if it became one. They don’t have to pay me with money, just gimme a whole range of their notebooks! (I wonder if they are reading this…) I love these black beauties and I actually own two Moleskine notebooks, one a black and sleek weekly organiser and a blank page notebook. I know! I was a little extravagant as they ain’t cheap and the organiser is only for a year. My precious Moleskine organiser is ending in December so its time to go shopping for another soon.  

Recently, I gave Abby Foo, a new colleage of mine, a small limited edition Moleskine with an illustration of Little Prince on it (just like the picture below). This is a welcoming gift for deciding to join KMP full time. I do hope it will inspire her to pursue her dreams is to work and be a part of something bigger and beneficial like being a part of Kechara.

What can I say? I LOVE MOLESKINE! I am a Moleskine fan!  



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