Break in…

27 Jul


There was a break in this afternoon at Heruka House, the place where I am living. It is scary to discover this but fortunately nothing was taken. There were only three of us living in this house. The intruder went into our rooms and opened all of our cupboards and rummaged through everything including our underwear. Perhaps they were hoping to discover some money or jewellery but there were none. They left everything else untouched including our pastports and gilded statues. Zamkar, our little Schnautzer was exceptionally quiet in the aftermath, perhaps he was traumatized by the intruders.

I am sure Zamkar would have been barking at them but was scared into his little corner under the coffeetable. Paris warned me that dog-napping is getting very popular these days. The way the robber tore through the flimsy front door grills hints of either security or the maids that usually come on Sunday to clean are in cahoots with the robbers. Now with the broken grill, we have to chain it to secure Heruka House. This is a temporary measure until we move out. 

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