Do you believe in God?

13 Feb

Disclaimer : This conversation is just a friendly discussion of the God creator-theory and I have no intentions to insult any God-fearing person. I found it thought provoking and so I have reproduced here with minimal editing for people to form their own conclusions. 
Me :I don’t believe in God
Friend : Oh… So you don’t believe in Genesis ?
Me : Nope.
Friend : I see but don’t you see that every masterpiece has its own maker ? Think about it.
Me : So if anything goes wrong, should I blame God?
Friend : Nope. God is in control. He never creates evil. He just allow it.
Me : If God is in control, why he make some people to suffer
Friend : Ok. Good question. Initially, God puts human in the paradise – Garden of Eden. Everything is perfect but Adam and Eve disobeyed God and since then sin entered into this world. Death enters. All sufferings enters but God is all merciful. He has great plan for all of us. He sent His Son, Jesus Christ to die for our sins. One man destroyed man’s relationship with God but another man, Jesus reconciled man’s relationship with God by the sacrifice Jesus made on Calvary…
Me : I am sorry but doesn’t make sense to me.
Friend : Ok
Me : That sounds like God is unfair
Friend : Maybe it seems like legends to you. God is not fair. God is just
Me : You sound like a robot. haha!
Friend : Lol! Wrath is the response of God’s love because God loves us
Me : Please tell me how God can be fair when so many people are suffering in this world?
Friend : Everything has its own wisdom behind, don’t see things on the surface. When God allows suffering but through sufferings and all the tribulations it leads people to
question God, to find God, to search for Him and that is when God manifest to people.
Me : So God is playing a trick on some of his creations so they will learn.
Friend : Nope, as i said…
Me : What about the lucky ones like you and me? We don’t deserve wisdom?
Friend : We learned when we see things happen, ok. Wait, sufferings came from only one source -that is the ancient serpent…
Me : Why we have it so easy while others have it so hard. Where is God? Why has he forsaken those who suffer?
Friend : That evil one, Satan. He(God) never forsake us, in trinity. The third person in trinity. God the Holy Spirit. He is with us when we accept Jesus as our saviour
the Holy Spirit dwell in us. He guide us. He is called the Comforter. He groans with us in our sufferings. God himself experience the sufferings we face and at the same time, guide us towards knowing God is there. What makes people stray away from God is Satan. Remember, when God is at work…
Me : You are avoiding my question…
Friend : Did I ?
Me: Why god make some people suffer and some people is allowed to enjoy life.
Friend : Ok. Sufferings comes from many sources, it might be a curse from God coz we sinned against God
Me : A curse? What an angry god!
Friend : The 2nd sect from Ten Commandments says “Anyone who carves a image and bow down and serve that image…”
Me : So, an African child who is born in starvation have sin against God?
Friend : Nope, ok. In these end times, Satan is working as much as possible to wreck God’s plan. Read (Book of) revelation.
Me : But I thought you said God is the maker and not Satan.
Friend : It is stated the tribulations faced by human. God is the maker but when sins enter this world, Satan became the Prince of World. He ruled the world and cause much sufferings but God the Son came to save us…
Me : But God made Satan. Why is Satan so powerful that God cannot do anything to stop him?
Friend : He died for us on the cross. God never made Satan. Satan is once n Archangel
Me : Then who made Satan?
Friend : Called Lucifer, he is the most beautiful angel in heaven. God always praise him and after a while. He became proud and arrogant
Me : Aiyor, you got to think a bit. If God did not make Satan, who did?
Friend : He tried to beat God
Me : But if God made everything, who gave Satan his powers?
Friend:  He brought 1/3 of angels in heaven to rebel against God. Angels have power too…
Me : If angels have power, who is more powerful, God or Satan?
Friend : When lucifer was banished, of course God. He is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent.
Me : Then why can’t God stop Satan right now.
Friend : Angels are not. God has a better plan after this
Me : What’s the better plan?
Friend : He sent Jesus to defeat Satan at the cross.
Me : Why is that a better plan?
Friend : He took away the key of death from Satan. It is God’s redemption for us
Me : Why does God have to appear so weak?
Friend : Not weak please. He just allow it to happen. If God makes everyone obey Him. This is not love. This is forced love. It is monotonous without feelings and life in it.
Me : That makes a little bit of sense, finally.
Friend : Yes, good that you understand.
Me : But it doesn’t answer my question, why is this a better plan? Why can’t he just defeat Satan.
Friend : He did, remember Trinity concept?
Me : He has not.
Friend : God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. God became human
Me: If Satan is defeated, why are we still suffering?
Friend :He live among us. He defeated sin and death but not Satan. It will be fulfilled when the judgement comes. It has to happen.
Me : So what about those in countries that have never heard of God before. What will happen to them?
Friend : This is God’s plan. Ok, God is all merciful for those who has never know the gospel. He has another judgement
Me : And what is the other judgement?
Friend : We don’t know. We only know that God has another judgement.
Me : You know what, Gerard. No need to repeat all the words from the bible to me. The bottom line is God is not just. He makes some people suffer and some people have it easy. He only ‘saves’ those that praise him.
Friend : God created coz He loves us. So all creations are to give thanks to Him. Without Him, we will not be here. The first Commandment says that: I am the Lord your God, who brought you out from the land of Egypt, that house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me.
Me : Power hungry God! Sounds like a jealous boyfriend ; )

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