Happy Times…

24 Jun


I took these photos a couple of weeks back on my phone when Rinpoche took us out for supper. We had just watched Star Trek and we were just enjoying supper. As usual, Rinpoche was cracking really funny jokes and posing really uncomfortable but hilarious questions at Moh Mei. There were several uproars and I wished I filmed the whole episode because I can’t remember the witty lines now. However, these series of pictures captured for posterity Rinpoche asking Moh Mei to please show the crowd how she smoke with a rolled up serviette. She sure put a show and with relish…



Well, Rinpoche just know how to mimic the same gestures but with a completely hilarious outcome. Everybody laughed except Seng Piow, who in the end had to smile anyway. We are just a crazy bunch of religious misfits but somehow, by some unseen force of karma and destiny, we got together to do something good. Such memories of good times, Dharma and fun is forever emblazoned in my mind. Why would anybody want to trade this for anything? Why do we forget so easily the good times and just focus on the bad? I know I had my ups and downs but I know ultimately, true friends and the Dharma are irreplaceable.



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  1. Jim Yeh June 25, 2013 at 6:00 am #

    I miss having dinner with our Guruji and fellow dharma brothers & sisters.

    And Seng Piow….Y U NO LOL?!

    • Pastor David Lai June 26, 2013 at 5:49 am #

      Well, don’t worry, there would be other opportunities. Right?

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