The Angsty Sounds

17 Aug


Smashing Pumpkins…then…

Just saw a few pictures of people ravelling in a Smashing Pumpkins concert that’s playing in town right now.

Damn! I missed smashing pumpkins again! They were here in the late 90s I think and I wanted to go but couldn’t. I can’t remember why but it was either I didn’t have the money to get the tickets, homework or I didn’t know anybody who would be interested to go with geeky me. Oh well. Fast forward to today, I still don’t know anybody who would wanna go with me but I do have the money. But alas, I missed it. Anyway, handy YouTube has some flashback Smashing Pumpkins for an online concert. Sometimes, its more fun reliving it via Youtube in the comfort of your home.

Warning. Smashing Pumpkins is not a ballady boyband or anything like that. It is pretty cool glam rock screeching angsty vocals although there are a few good slow numbers. I just love the dark gothic sounds of some of their later songs. I know they have been playing since the early 90s but I was only into them in the late 90s, around the time when I was graduating from secondary school and heading into college. I guess, their songs kinda defined the angst I experienced during this transition. Anyway, enough about my pumpkin story.


Smashing Pumpkins….now…

Let the show begin!

The first song I have ever heard of Smashing Pumpkins was this hit, 1979:-

YouTube Preview Image


Then, I saw this on the MTV channel via a newly installed Astro TV that came with a satellite dish! Cool stuff for a geek. During this time, I was watching MTV like its the daily news. I was enamoured by this band already…

YouTube Preview Image


Then, I saw this theatrical performance and I thought I should get the album! But I never did. I bought the singles instead…

YouTube Preview Image


Then, came this fricking cool number. They had turned the cool and rock decibel a few notches higher.

YouTube Preview Image


Unfortunately, everything came to end with this song. The band broke apart and I never heard from them again.

YouTube Preview Image


Well, they had many other hits and some misses but these remain my favourite. Hope you like this blast from the past.

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  1. Jim Yeh August 19, 2013 at 12:59 pm #

    Dude! Good to know you’re a Pumpkins’ fan! I listened to “mellon collie and the infinite sadness” a million times and frankly, they sound better after each listen.

    Billy Corgan is a funny dude, I remember watching him on MTV, he was with his fans in a restaurant and he kept eating sandwiches and telling his fans that he’s a “Billy Corgan impersonator.”

    I have not listened to the newer albums. He did try very hard to get back to the top. Makes you think. “Anything that reaches the zenith, must come down.” Melancholy indeed.

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