My Attempt at Animal Love

3 Oct


Let’s be honest. I am not really a great animal lover. However, I love Zamkar. He’s an all-white Schnauzer that belongs to Paul, my housemate and confidante. Naturally, they are both in the picture above that I recently took of them. Zamkar loves it when daddy tickles his tummy and when he does that, Zamkar sniffs, relaxes and even rolls one of his little legs as if he was running. Cute!


Zamkar is naturally all white but he has a nasty habit of licking his little front legs and paws. A natural compound in his saliva turns his all-white fur into a brownish tone. The same goes for the fur around his little mouth. Naturally, that’s from salivating when daddy or any of his friends have their meals. Zamkar loves to stare, place one of his paw on daddy to get his attention for some helpings. However, no human food for Zamkar or that would spoil his special Schnauzer diet.


Zamkar loves daddy. He always have a special place in his heart for daddy always. Hence, he would always look for daddy and be near him. He instantly relaxes and allows daddy to do whatever he wants with him.


Zamkar’s other favourite friend is Rinpoche because Rinpoche is fun. And around Rinpoche is a lot of other friends like Mumu (Yogi), Oser and Dharma. They are a tough group to play with especially when it comes to play time. During play time, Rinpoche throws a treat and everyone has to go scouring for it. It’s fun and delicious for Zamkar. A sure way to gain a friend in Zamkar is to feed him.


This is Zamkar’s face when he’s told that there’s no more food for him. He’s not too happy about that. However…



Things change when he finds out that I am coming to pick him up. Well, he and I have grown to love each other. I bring him home to see and play with Paul. Incredibly, he loves me for that reason. Cute little smart monster!

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  1. jaz August 11, 2014 at 12:21 am #

    on a recent trip to Colombo,sri lanka, I visited the Gangarama temple. I was shocked to find a baby elephant in the small compound of the temple tied to a tree,. the chains were so short she couldn’t even move about freely. she was swaying fro side to side. a sign of extreme stress. please help me to help Ganga to be free in a sanctuary. I havespoken but nobody listens as I am a nobody, but a nobody who cares. now that you know please look into this matter. we cant just walk away now that we know.

  2. jaz August 11, 2014 at 12:25 am #

    please help me or at least give me advice. there is an elephant in Gangarama temple tied up in chains so short that she cant even move around. she is a baby ad needs to be with her own kind. besides, she should not be separated from her mother as babies make strong bonds with their mothers. we cant just walk away.the meaning of life is to look after the innocent and defenceless

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