Dharma Names for Mumu

12 Nov


Tsem Rinpoche always care for all beings around according to their capacity. He had always had a caring concern for animals. In his car, he keeps dog food to feed stray dogs whenever he sees them. Even with his own pet dogs that he calls mumus are loved and well taken cared of. Besides training his assistants to care for them correctly, he had also devised various means to plant spiritual imprints in their minds for future rebirths.

One of them is to give Dharma names to his beloved mumus. Mumu is a term of endearment for Yogi and also other cute animals. Rinpoche said that Dharma names are very powerful because they imprint positive imprints in our minds each time we hear it particularly if they are names of Buddhas. Each time we call them, it will plant powerful imprints into their minds to realized the attainments of that particular Buddha. This is very powerful practice for the little mumus since they don’t have the mental faculty to comprehend the Dharma, practice and transform. However, the imprints will open in future lifetimes when they do have the faculties to comprehend and practice.

All of mumus in the picture above has Dharma names except Gizmo because he is a rescue dog and he was named by previous owner. Below are some interesting Dharma names that you may want to call your pet. Below are some of the more common Sanskrit and Tibetan names and their meaning:-


Acharya ~ A spiritual master

Amrita ~ Nectar of the Gods

Arya ~ A being who has attained a direct realisation of the true nature of reality.

Asanga ~ 4th century Indian scholar; One of then two most important masters in the development of the Mahayana Buddhist schools of ancient India.

Atisha ~ 11th century Indian scholar accredited with founding of the Tibetan Mahayana school called Kadam. His works include the great text ‘Lamp of the Path of Enlightenment’

Bodhicitta~ Awakened mind, mind of enlightenment

Bodhi ~ Enlightenment

Chodak ~ Dharma Spreader

Choden ~ One who is devout, religious

Choedron ~ Truth Light

Choegyal ~ Dharma king

Chokyi ~ Joyful Dharma or teachings

Chophel ~ The flourishing of the Dharma

Dagpa ~ Pure

Dana ~ (Sanskrit) voluntary giving of material, eneregy, or wisdom to others; one of the 6 Perfections

Dechen ~ Great Bliss

Deyki ~ Happiness and Joy

Dhargey ~ Progress, development, spreading

Dharma – Short for the Buddhadharma or the Buddha’s doctrine

Dharmata ~ Suchness, true nature of things; phenomena as it really is,as seen by a completely enlightened being without any distortion,

Dondrub ~ Accomplishment, attainment, realizer

Dorje ~ Vajra, which means indestructible

Drimed ~ Stainless, imaaculate, undefiled

Drolma ~ Liberator Tara

Drolkar ~ White Liberator Tara (long life deity)

Gendun ~ Helper

Gyaltsen ~ Victory banner

Jampa ~ (Maitreya, the next Buddha) Loving-kindness

Jamyang ~ Gentle voice (Manjushri)

Jangchub ~ Enlightenment

Jigme ~ Fearless

Jinpa ~ Generosity

Kalden ~ Good fortune

Kalsang/Kelsang ~ Fortunate, Good fortune

Karuna ~ Compassion

Karma ~ Action, deed

Kaya ~ Body of a Buddha

Khandro ~ Dakini

Kunchen ~ All-knowing

Lekshey ~ Right speech. eloquent

Lhakyi ~ Happiness, joy

Lhundup ~ Spontaneously accomplished

Lobsang ~ Kind One, Noble-minded, kind-hearted,

Lodro ~ Wise One, intelligent

Lungtok ~ The Teachings, scriptures

Ngawang ~ Powerful speech

Ngedon ~ Ultimate truth

Ngodup ~ Attainment, accomplishment

Norbu ~ Jewel

Nying jye ~ Compassion

Osel / Oser ~ Luminosity, luminous clarity

Palden ~ Glorious

Paramita ~ Perfect virtues, the perfections

Pelkyi (female) ~ Radiant Happiness

Pema ~ Lotus

Phuntsok ~ Excellence (excellent qualities, most perfect qualities)

Prajna ~ Wisdom, discriminative awareness

Rabten ~ Steadfast

Rigpa ~ Awareness of the absolute

Rigzin ~ Wise One, Knower; wisdom

Rinchen ~ Precious, gem, treasure (great value)

Samadhi ~ Concentration, meditative stabilisation

Samdup ~ Fulfillment (of one’s wishes)

Samten (male) ~ Samadhi, Perfect stability in meditation

Sang ~ Purified, awakened

Sangpo ~ Good hearted

Sangye ~ Buddha

Sempa ~ Bodhisattva

Shamatha ~ Calm abiding

Shedrub (male) ~ Accomplisher of highest knowledge

Shepa ~ Awareness, knowledge

Sherab ~ Perfect knowledge, Wisdom, discriminative awareness

Shunyata ~ Emptiness

Sila ~ Moral discipline

Sonam ~ Merit

Tenpa ~ (holder of the) Teachings

Tenzin ~ Holder of the teachings

Thekchen ~ Mahayana

Thokmay ~ Unobstructed, unhindered

Thubpa ~ Capable or Mighty One

Thubten ~ The Buddha’s teaching

Tinley/Trinley ~ Enlightened activity

Tilopa ~ One of the 84 mahasiddhas of ancient India and the guru of the great scholar and meditator Naropa.

Tsering ~ Long life

Tseten ~ Stable life

Tsewang ~ Life empowerment

Tsognyi ~ The two accumulations: merit and wisdom

Tsondru ~ Diligent One

Tsultrim ~ Moral discipline

Tushita ~ Pure Land of joy

Tutob ~ Great Abilities

Wangchuk ~ Lord, mighty

Wangdue ~ Subduer

Yangchen (female) ~ Melodious One, Saraswati

Yangkyi (female) ~ Inspired Happiness

Yangzom (female) ~ Perfect Woman of Accomplished Qualities

Yeshe ~ Deep/pristine awareness, widsom knowledge

Yodron (female) ~ Turquoise Light

Yonten ~ Good qualities

Zopa ~ Forbearance, patience

Zamkar – White Zambala, an aspect of the wealth deity Zambala.


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