Presenting the New Me…

15 Apr


Just a couple of weeks ago, H. E. Tsem Rinpoche felt that it was time to promote my books and I, as a lay pastor and author. Before I knew it, there was a whirlwind of planning for a photo shoot session in Kechara Forest Retreat. Rinpoche quickly formulated the look and feel of the entire project along with my wardrobe. So, I rushed to get a haircut, shop for additional clothes from TF (yes, its the local supermarket) and brought my entire wardrobe over. The idea is to place me in the public’s eye so people will connect with me and I in turn would be able to give them the Dharma. The following images are some of the pictures taken on that day itself. My favourite naturally is the one with four arms that were pasted on. Hehe!

PS – Special thanks goes out to H. E. Tsem Rinpoche for his confidence and belief in me along with others like Beng Kooi, Cynthia Lee, Joy Kam, Julia, Nicholas, Pastor Seng Piow (for his excellent camera skills), Pastor Antoinette, Pastor Niral and many other.



The Andy Warhol look never goes out of style and I love the fact that I can showcase all 4 books at the same time.


Pastor David Lai meets the Godfather and oh well, I tried my best to look the part.


Do you like my sense of style?




IMG-20160330-WA0150Thank you Li Kheng and you are such a natural in front of the camera.


Beng Kooi is not some teenage surfer dude! Really… I work under her.


Baby Zopa is super cute here with mummy Cynthia.

IMG-20160330-WA0145 IMG-20160330-WA0146




This is fashion inspired but somehow with the fat me posing, I look like a spastic clown and not at all athletic.


I was told to look dreamy, sultry and inviting. Well, do you think I am successful?


I love my very own favourite Manjushri statue thats sitting on my desk. I always love Manjushri near me while I am working and writing away.

IMG-20160331-WA0007 IMG-20160331-WA0015 IMG-20160331-WA0017 IMG-20160331-WA0019 IMG-20160331-WA0021

This is another favourite and no, I don’t always put up my foot on the desk and relax.

IMG-20160331-WA0031 IMG-20160331-WA0033 IMG-20160331-WA0037


I am really proud of my first book, There’s No Way But Up as it has pushed my horizon and boundaries.


Don’t I look like I belong to a telco advert in this picture?

IMG-20160331-WA0050 IMG-20160331-WA0051 IMG-20160331-WA0058

I like this contemplative look very much and I do look like I am pondering on something deep. The reality is that I was thinking about supper. All this posing has made me really tired, hungry and thirsty.

IMG-20160331-WA0060 IMG-20160331-WA0064 IMG-20160331-WA0067

This is one of my favourite shirts but unfortunately, the color fades lighter around my midriff.



I absolutely love this picture very much as well because this is just who I am. I am bright, young(‘ish’), spiritual and fun. Don’t you think?

Did you like these pictures? Let me know if you do and which is your favourite.

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  1. sweekeong April 17, 2016 at 6:24 am #

    one word to describe it. Wow!

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