Enter the Lama’s World….

21 Nov


Here is the grand audience room of H. E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche in the new KH Gompa. This is where he meets guests and so the throne is knee-high to make it more 'accessible' to talk with people privately. The silver staff on the left side is a monk's staff to denote the Lama is the holder of the Vinaya or monk vows. The thangka behind is a unique one depicting Lama Tsongkhapa (with the yellow hat) on an elephant with 5 emanations of Manjushri above and various other Buddhist deities around them. An antique Buddha of wealth and generosity, Dzambala sits aptly and grandly on the side table. The yellow Tsongkhapa robes are placed on his seat symbolic of the Lama's presence and his ritual implements are humbly covered with a blue cloth cover so as not to advertise the Lama's Tantric attainments or supernatural powers. 

The back of the room has a row of nice seats for a comfortable and private audience. Powerful and elegant black and white images of the lineage Lamas line the walls depicting Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche (left), Kyabje Pabongka Rinpoche (middle) and Kyabje Zong Rinpoche (right). The thangka depicts a beautiful red Vajrayogini. 

There is another view of the audience room showing a powerful painted Setrap thangka. I remember Rinpoche mentioned this thangka is very blessed and had displayed miraculous signs before. 

Last part of the little audience room is the dragon carpet. The Tibetan term for the dragon (Tib. 'brug but pronounced drug) refers to the sound of thunder. It is a powerful sign of imperial power and magnificence of the Chinese emperors. This symbolism is brought over to the Dharma to signify the majestic power and awe of the Dharma. The colour yellow on the dragon signify increase of the Dharma and coupled with the symbolism of the dragon, it is a befitting offering to a Lama. It is like saying may the majestic power and awe of our Lama's teachings touch the lives of many who come and meet him for the Dharma. May his works flourish and may it bring much benefit.

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