A Very Special Contest!

21 Jan

 Dear friends,

I have a special request of my blog readers. You can change lives, change thinking, change attitudes and change outcomes if you try and all from the comfort of your homes and Pc’s….You just have to care. Please care. It’s beautiful to focus out..

Cruelty towards animals is against genuine spiritual developement, unethical and inhumane. You should do you best to stop it as much as possible. The first step is to create awareness. Awareness/education are instrumental for fundamental shifts.


I have a special request. And with folded hands and great humility I request the below:

1. Take the time to watch all the videos. And write one comment for each of the videos below that is 150 words minimum or more. So that is 19 comments in total.

2.  Either blog, tweet (on 10 categories with link back to this post) or facebook with link back to this post ALL 19 videos. And write in comments where you placed them here. You must write in the comments section where you have blogged, tweeted or facebooked the videos. So it can be verified.

3. Go Vegetarian for a week or more. Everyday on the comments of this post write what you ate that day.

If you do the above and it is verified by KECHARA (Ethan, Bryan, and Nicholas). I will be honoured and very happy to send you a Buddha Pendant or Buddha tsatsa. Shipping will be included.

For Pendants you may pick: 2 armed Dukkar, Tara, Shakyamuni, Setrap or Tsongkapa Pendant.

If you choose tsatsa, then, it can be Tara, Shakyamuni, Buddha or Tsongkapa. They are beautiful.

(As supplies last).

If you repeat all the above once a month continuously for 6 months straight and update on the comments with links where possible, then I will be happy to send you a 9″ brass traditional Buddha Statue of either Tara, Tsongkapa, Medicine Buddha or Shakyamuni. (As supplies last)


Why am I doing this, I wish to gift you with special thanks for your compassion in helping me spread the word around regarding cruelty towards animals.

As a Buddhist, spiritual being, or a person with a conscience, WE SHOULD DO OUR BEST TO SAVE THESE ANIMALS. We should put in our resources, time, energy, love into saving animals as much as we can without excuses and without further delays.

Tsem Rinpoche


If you have questions or for prize claiming you may contact:


Nicholas nicholas.yu12@gmail.com

Ethan ethan.csh@gmail.com

Bryan josh84bryan@gmail.com


Their profiles can be seen here: http://www.kechara.com/support/about-us/our-team/

Terms and Conditions: 
1) Only one pendant per winner per month
2) Winners to submit an email to Nicholas, Ethan or Bryan providing details of the qualifying postings (and links to those posts) for verification



Is this what you like to eat???

If from the moment that I was born, I get my lips cut off, my skin scalded by a hot branding iron, my ears cut off with a pair of scissors (all WITHOUT anesthetics, so I cry and scream in excruciating pain)…I get forced to eat growth hormones EVERYDAY….I sleep, POOP, pee and EAT in a 10ft x 10ft with another person my size who does the same thing….I sleep on my friend’s poop and pee, then continue to eat from there….I go mentally-unstable because it’s just too hot, too cold, too cramped….ITS SO NOISY….I can’t move AT ALL….I get badly kicked, severely punched, harshly dragged….I get my bones broken…I’m too big so my legs break from my weight…

Have I lived a good and normal life so far??

Minutes…Hours…Days…YEARS pass by SO SO slowly…I then get pushed into a very small car with 20 friends…get pushed out…get electrocuted at all the wrong places….someone then comes and kicks me, punches me in the face, stands on my back and starts jumping up and down…

What have I done to them??

….I get hung up UPSIDE-DOWN on a moving conveyor belt along with all of my friends…I can still hear some of them being tortured in the other room…I see my friend in front of me starting to shake really hard, he’s screaming and crying very very loud….I’m so scared and confused!!…..I feel a sharp pain around my neck and so I scream and scream…I try to get off the conveyor belt but I can’t…I start getting really tired and sleepy but I’m in so much pain…I try to scream again but I quickly begin to drown in my own blood.

If I was still alive, I’d see myself being skinned, chopped, cleaned, cooked …. and finally I end up on someone’s plate.

Did they not know what happened to me or how I got here? Why are they okay with it???


(Watch ALL 19 Videos here –> http://blog.tsemtulku.com/tsem-tulku-rinpoche/2010/06/19-videos-on-animal-cruelty.html

2 Responses to “A Very Special Contest!”

  1. Lee February 1, 2011 at 1:26 pm #

    Hi David
    Thanks for posting this blog. I happened to stumble on to your blog and found this post, so I watched the videos and did commentary on them.
    I posted my blog in reponse to the 19 videos here.
    I’ll leave a comment on Tsem Tulku’s blog too. Hope all is well

  2. Liz Fields September 24, 2011 at 2:55 am #

    Thanks for posting this 🙂 I have decided to go vegetarian for a week starting today! I have done nothing but drink water and 100% juice, eat fruit (banana and apple for breakfast), salad for lunch, and vegetable curry with rice for dinner 🙂
    So far I find I am craving certain things like cheeses and yogurt and am wondering if those are acceptable on a vegetarian diet. Well Off to do research on vegetarianism and find recipes. Hope things are well!

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