Setrap Rejuvenates!

24 Jan


I am feeling a little tired and listless after a weekend of flea marketing. It was fun but the whole lot of fun have left me drained. Earlier this evening, I was feeling that I needed rejuvenation. Perhaps a soothing evening massage but I decided to drag my ass for puja at Kechara House instead. Needless to say, the mantras, prayers and recitations (of Setrap Puja) was calming.

Pujas was also a great place to get to know people and I did meet an old classmate, who does art now. I also got a Kudos for coming to Setrap Puja more regularly now, which was an encouragement of sorts. Don't worry folks! I will try to make it every week now! Gotta bring my vajra and bell (my special prayer implements that is gathering a little too much cobwebs) next time. He he!

2 Responses to “Setrap Rejuvenates!”

  1. Doreen Teoh January 25, 2011 at 9:25 am #

    Hi David…good to see you coming for Setrap Puja. Yes, by coming to Pujas, we can get to know more Kecharian, that is where i got to know most of the them when i first join Kechara…in fact, when the person is new, there will be people who will assist us in our first few pujas, and that is very encouraging and helpful.

  2. David Lai January 26, 2011 at 1:53 pm #

    Thanks Doreen, glad to hear from you. Yes, I will be coming to more Setrap pujas from now onwards.

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