Red Planning

28 Jan

169024_491179928719_313513903719_6027404_5539884_nWe had a briefing today at Kechara House Gompa with Liaison Paul Yap leading it. It was all prim and proper with a name list of people in charged along with the itinerary for the two-day event. When all was settled, the liaisons and Kechara Care ushers went downstairs to for a trial run of the escort.

Paul had a whole formation of men mapped out to escort Rinpoche the moment he steps off his car. It was all very meticulously drawn and planned out on paper and in his mind. A Kechara event has never been planned out so meticulously! Kudos to Liaison Paul and his crew for doing such a great work organising the Grand Dzambala and Setrap Puja. 

Check out the event:

This picture was taken from the Kechara facebook page. The red lanterns have been recently hung to create the festive mood, which is also an idea of Rinpoche's. 


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