Why Do You Sell Dharma Books?

29 Jan


KMP, the publications office that I am working for is currently having a roadshow in 1 Utama – a popular suburban mall. However, the roadshow spans over 21 days and our manpower is really stretched out. We even had Deborah Pereira (pictured above), our dear production's manager help out with manning the roadshow both. It was a quiet weekday, with lots of Chinese New Year shoppers shuffling about.It was going to be another ordinary weekday until a man stopped by and started a conversation with her.

Man         : Are you a Buddhist?

Deborah  : No, I am not…  (She is a good Catholic girl)

Man         : Then… Why do you sell Dharma books?

Deborah  : Because I am spiritual… 

This silenced the man and he left soon after, presumably embarrassed by Deborah's reply. I heard this from Fang, KMP's designer and I just love Deborah's witty reply. I am glad she said that and I very proud that she is part of KMP.

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