The Scream

23 Mar

I love horror movies and ghost stories but I would be scared shitless if they were good. For some strange reason, my fear doesn’t lessen my fascination with of the macabre. I love these stories although I was scared shitless. Anyway… A few days ago, I was telling Rinpoche a story of a particular real life encounter with a ghost. It was my friend’s own encounter and I had forgotten the details of how the ghost looked like. So Rinpoche spookily filled it in for me.

He said he sensed that it was a female. Bingo! Yes, that was what my friend told me and he also told me that she was faceless and with long straight hair that parted at the center. Her face was dark and featureless. My goosebumps shot up because that was exactly how my friend told me. Rinpoche added that she was actually forlorn and was looking for something and so she just stares at people. The conversation went on to other matters but her sinister face haunted me. When I was driving back home, her featureless face kept appearing in my mind. Then I imagined she was sitting behind me in the car. I freaked out so I screamed bloody murder for her to leave me alone. I know! I was chicken shit! Laugh all you want…

I related the incident to Rinpoche and it amused him and he made me repeat the story to a few others. Then he told me that in such situations, don’t scream as it might work for some spirits but for others, they will just get angrier and will take revenge later. Hence, he recommends reciting mantras, particularly the mantra of our Yidam (if one had received initiation) or a Dharma Protector. He said that when we do that, our body will appear to glow and will be a deterrent for them. So much for my adamantine screams!



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