Veggie Fastfood

6 Nov


Read the above carefully and see that Vegan and meatless goes along with the burger very well….

Ever since coming to America, I am gently surprised by the variety of vegetarian options available here. In this land of diners and fast food, veggie patties are available at most popular diner chains and restaurants. And the good thing is that these veggie patties taste really quite good. I like that very much and it would probably be something that I am going to miss very much when I go back home. On top of that, there’s Tofurky! The holy grail of make-believe ham and all manner of mock meat. Yummy….

Some people think it is hypocritical to eat mock meats and be vegetarian. I am not so sure what’s the problem here but I think it has got to do with the need for food to taste like meat. I say, no problem! Why can’t our veggie food taste like meat as long as no animals are killed in the process. I love it and enjoy the occasional mock meat along with the usual greens that I eat daily. Anyway, there’s Tofurky and also all manner of frozen dinners with a wide selection of Indian, Thai, American etc options.


Besides the usual diners, there are places like Veggie Grill. This fast food joint is fantastic! Love the extensive vegetarian menu and the whole fast food concept. There are restaurants all over town and in hip neighbourhoods. I hope they will grow big like McDonalds or KFC and that will really change the whole fast food landscape. It’s time to wean people off meat onto a more guilt-free, healthier way of eating. By the way, check out the wonderful menu down here… Yummy…


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