My dad!

18 Apr


My dad and I have a great relationship for many years. I have not always been the best son to him because when I was growing up, I allowed a gulf to grow between us. We hardly talked and I would often see him sitting alone in the kitchen drinking beer and wallowing in his own thoughts. I didn't do much for him at that time. 

However, when I met the Dharma through Rinpoche, things began to slowly change. I passed my father a CD of Rinpoche's teachings and he loved it the moment he first listened to it. So he came into Kechara House and has since become an active member. He would tell me that he always found a deep respect for Rinpoche not just as a Dharma teacher but as a great leader. He was referring to the way Rinpoche rallies people towards  organising and building the organisation.

However, when I first moved into a Dharma house at the advice of Rinpoche, my dad was worried. He accepted it but I had never lived on my own before! So he was worried and like all parents would, he wondered if I could make ends meet. On top of that , my mum's worries magnified my dad's. But somehow, my dad being the nice guy, decided to let me try it out anyway. Besides, I am not moving to another country and I did tell him that I am with Dharma people so there's nothing to worry about. 

This was the same when I decided to work as a sales person for the new fledgling Kechara Mystical Treasures store (now rename Kechara Paradise). This was many years ago and recently, I heard that one of my aunt freaked out when she heard that I was joining Dharma work and this probably embarrassed my parents greatly. She probably thought that it was a loser's job and there's no future in this. I don't really blame her because that's the prevailing perception of her generation. That perception is changing now with Rinpoche's efforts and the commitment of many new successful young people who put aside the big paychecks and careers to commit towards the Dharma.

And things did change for me too, now that I am writing and producing books, it has made my father very proud to have a son who is making it as a writer. Although he honestly expressed that he wasn't the one who brought me to this level because he knew that it was through Rinpoche's efforts that I am who I am today. Nonetheless, he is still very happy and contented and is not insecure about it. As a son, I am glad to be able to give this to my father as I watch how Dharma had changed his life too. My dad regularly volunteers in Kechara House and finds joy in making offerings, some light maintenance, pujas and cleaning the floor. Everybody respects and loves him and he is affectionately known as Uncle Lai. 

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  1. Peter April 18, 2010 at 7:40 pm #

    Ah so this is your dad!
    I think I saw him during my first attendance of a Medicine Buddha Puja back on April 7th.
    I didn’t know who he was…so now I can address him as Uncle Lai 😉

  2. David April 19, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

    Yup. Are you coming for medicine Buddha this week as well?

  3. Stella May 19, 2010 at 2:51 am #

    Hi dearie.. I always says hi to uncle lai but i didnt even know that he is ur daddy! .. He is such a nice person!! 🙂

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