Archive | March, 2017

Relationship Maintenance

27 Mar

Just last month, I gave a talk at Wisdom Hall to a Valentine’s Day audience about romance and actually getting it right. I am not really quite the person to go for romantic problems but I have this book that wrote about that was based on Rinpoche’s teachings. Each chapter is based on a vow…

Zamkar’s 13th Birthday Bash

18 Mar

Zamkar just turn 13 years and that’s 91 in doggy years. For dogs in general, you multiply 7 to get their age in doggie years. Zamkar is one old chap but still very much a baby, according to his dad, Paul Yap. Fortunately, he is very healthy and has no health worries. Paul and his…

Naropa was Corpulent

15 Mar

I remember sharing this anecdote of Naropa with Rinpoche a while ago and he was ecstatic to read it. He said Naropa is definitely amongst his most favourite Mahasiddhas and he definitely would have wanted to meet Naropa if that was possible. I think I know why. Rinpoche’s sense of devotion to his teachers are…