Is the Horned One Really Evil?

18 Oct

In the Western world, people are led to believe that the Devil is in the form of a horned man with shaggy legs and cloven hooves for legs. This is the archetypal image of the devil that has descended through Christianity and its imagery can be seen everywhere in movies, books, artwork and across frescoes…

Do elves and faeries exist?

27 Apr

A few weeks ago, I was with Rinpoche and we were watching a really good documentary on Youtube. It was about elves, faeries and all manner of supernatural beings in Iceland called “Enquête sur le monde invisible” – Investigation into the Invisible, a 2002 documentary by French director Jean-Michel Roux. Naturally, the dialogue was all in…

Wanna hear a real ghost story?

19 Apr

I am not psychic and so, I don’t have the third ‘psychic’ eye to see spirits like some people do. I guess I just happen to be in wrong place and the wrong time. The first time, I ever saw a ghost… a REAL ghost mind you – was when I was driving through the…