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Calling Everybody! It is time to read my book again…

26 May

   It's time for another book reading session at MPH Midvalley. So instead of reading it to just a bunch of strange passerbys. I am asking all you folks out in cyberspace to come support me… Venue         :  Midvalley Megamall Date            :  Sunday, 30th May 2010…

Chasing Rainbow Dreams

25 May

These two rainbows appeared during the Wesak funfair last Saturday. When I first saw it, immediately I thought that the gods are very happy with what we were doing at the funfair.  Later, I heard that the main brighter rainbow seemed to be emanating somewhere above shop lot No.7. Datuk May Phng along with a…

Mad Beautiful Girl!

25 May

(Just another one-of-a-kind piece that I wrote during creative writing class and it was inspired by a surrealistic picture of a girl rubbing lipstick all over her mouth) I think I am god-damn beautiful! I must be and I don’t believe what my mum tells me or any of my friends. They are just so…

A Golden Dream

24 May

I just had a wonderful dream last week and fortunately, I could still remember it. In my slumber, I was transported by the power of my dream to a strange place.  As I tried to orientate myself to the new location, I realised that I was in a sort of waiting lounge of an airport….

Mum! I am on TV!

14 May

Yes! I was on TV last Monday morning on NTV7's breakfast show! I was a nervous wreak but it turn out not too bad. At least I didn't fall flat on my face while talking. 

Catching Up – Photos from a Media Gathering of my book.

14 May

I know I have been lazy and not been blogging for the longest time. But that doesn't mean that I have not been doing stuff. I just had my media launch of my book at MPH Bookstores in One Utama…well 2 weeks ago. Here are some nice photos that Fang, KMP's designer, photographer and singer…

A Father I Never Knew

4 May

Today is the 3rd week of my creative writing course with Sharon Bakar. I missed last week because I was just plain stupid – no made up excuses to give.  However, today's class was very interesting. We were to first write a word to describe a feeling and then write a word to match the…