Archive | July, 2016

Curbing Sexual Desire

28 Jul

This is somewhat a controversial topic in itself but I think it does warrant to be mentioned. There are a lot of horny people out there. Being horny is not bad in itself (some may even consider it healthy) but when it has reached high levels of sexual addiction, it can be damaging. Addiction usually means we…

Cakrasamvara Tantra – Transmutation of Passion

15 Jul

Ever since coming into contact with Tibetan Buddhism, I had become extremely intrigued by its rich philosophy and its pantheon of powerful deities. Nothing inspires the imagination more than a deity with multiple faces, hands and implements that is one fire. There quite a number of such deities and one I had come across over and…

Pick Games

7 Jul

If you are a friend or student of H. E. Tsem Rinpoche, you would have heard or you had been an unwitting participant of a Pick Game. Naturally, I had been a part of this for many years now and naturally, the pick game exchanges of those involved – participant and audience would descend into belly-aching…