Dorje Shugden On My Dad’s Head

1 Mar

Me and my dad in Nepal on a pilgrimage in 2016 My father passed away several weeks ago and I was fortunate because I had the opportunity to be by his side for several weeks prior to his passing. My father had jaundice due to advance stage of cancer and the doctors basically said it…

Pilgrimage Through India & Nepal

1 Dec

I wrote this travelogue of my recent trip to Serpom and Nepal for Since my mother had passed away earlier this year, H.E. Tsem Rinpoche advised me to take my dad on a holiday. He suggested several countries like India, Nepal, Burma, Thailand and so forth. Rinpoche said that we should go to these places…

My late mom

22 Jun

My mom passed away earlier this year just before Chinese New Years’ and it caught everyone by surprise. My mom was just 66 years old! Just the year before, she was struggling with her weight – she was loosing a lot of weight after a holiday trip and she was quite ill and that was…