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20 Apr

I have just joined the creative writing course that was run by Sharon Bakar at a place called the Learning Room. Today is the first lesson and it is on Flow Writing. The trick is to just write whatever is in our heads without restricting it with grammar, spelling, punctuation or theme. All Sharon did was give us a single word and we can write whatever with it. So, I rolled my sleeves up, grit our teeth and started to write…

So, for the first piece, she gave us the word Psychiatrist and 2 minutes to write it up. Here is what I wrote…

Psychiatrist is something I absolutely don't need. Mainly because I am in need of something more substantial than mere words.  Holy men, priests and men of the cloth. What are they? Someone I look up to? Someone I follow? Someone I bow down to? What about me?  What about people bowing down to me? Ok! I am some kinda egoistic person but hey! Aren't we all? Perhaps I am in need of some medication because this writing is….

The next word she gave us was Fling and also 2 minutes to write it up. Here is what I wrote….

A fling is not something I need right now. I need a stable relationship, I need security, I need someone who cares. But somehow the urges are there, the loneliness calls. I can't but help myself. A fling of passion beckons me. If nobody knows, nobody is going to judge me…right? I like that because it brings security and freedom to do whatever I like. There are many things in my life that I would like to do. But I need to keep focus.  I need to prioritise my life. It is really in shambles at the moment. I can't tell you how bad it is…

Then, she asked us to just write for 4 minutes on whatever theme we like. Here is what I wrote….

I am hungry and I would like to have something good, something delicious, something that will fill my stomach.  Such a waste of time! Don't you think that eating is so time consuming! I just wish we could just eat pills and be healthy, be all that we see on telly. Those gorgeous men and women that seem to look beautiful effortlessly. Eating for them must be easy. They obviously don't eat! Oh well! I can't have everything now, can I? I would just focus on my food now. Such attachment! Such cravings! I want a good mash potato right now. I can almost hear my stomach grumble for some food! I would love to satisfy it.

Finally, we had to underline a phrase within the writing and Sharon wrote it on the whiteboard. After that, she told us to choose another person's phrase and write about it. She gave us 7 minutes and I chose 'the thunderous heartbeat…' 

The thunderous heartbeat is when I gaze upon a Buddha statue or when I last watched Little Buddha. I know it sounds silly but hey! I am just being me. I love that movie and I loved it  when Keanu Reeves as the Buddha sat under that tree and pulled out of the water a splitting image of himself. He who look like Keenu became an old man or as the Buddhist calls him Mara.  Nothing but an image of his own ego. Keenu told him that you have no control of me and placed his hand upon the earth to bear witness. Enlightenment! Lights coming out of his head and I cried.  I had to hid my tears. I didn't understand why I would cry for someone who had conquered his own demons. Perhaps I have too many demons of my own? Yes, I do and I know you have many too. We all have our own demons. I like demons sometimes. What a crazy thing to say but I like it because it gives something to overcome, something to achieve. Low self-esteem? Not my problem but the need to achieve seems like that right? Oh gosh! Sorry to bore you guys. I was just feeling a tad bit philosophical at the moment.  This is pretty strange because at most times, I am thinking of just filling my stomach, watching mindless TV and listening to great music. Mind you, not the classical kind but pop music. I like Tokio Hotel. I know….

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  1. Wan Wai Meng August 19, 2012 at 8:40 pm #

    Thanks david for your sublime writing!

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