The best anti-depressant or rather anti-samsara first aid box ever!!!!

15 Jun

Check out the wonderful design!!!! It is so beautiful! Lama Tsongkhapa's sacred practice will now be disseminated through out the world in style! Lama Tsongkhapa's practice condenses the efficacy of 3 great Buddhas: - 

Manjushri for wisdom & intelligence


Avalokiteshvara/ Kuan Yin for compassion & anti-depressant 


Vajrapani for overcoming inner and outer demons, problems and difficulties plus achieving greater skillfulness with situations and people. 

Get this boxset right now!!! I am getting mine too!

Tsongkhapa Box Set [14Jun10] - low res

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  1. Кот Матроскин! November 25, 2016 at 12:19 pm #

    It’s difficult to say – so much depends on why they have been prescribed, on how bad your depression is and how long you’ve had it for. Sometimes depressions get better by themselves. If your depression is mild it is best to try some of the other treatments mentioned later in this leaflet. If you can t decide, talk it over with your doctor.

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