My Birthday Gifts For Rinpoche

25 Oct

Yesterday was H. E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche’s birthday (24th October)



and so I offered the following gifts to Rinpoche….



The Essential Wonder Woman Encyclopedia… Why Wonder Woman? Well, she is Rinpoche’s all time favourite comic book heroine and I think she is somehow related to Vajrayogini.



10 Bunches of red-film wrapped Vajrayogini Incense. I believe they are Rinpoche’s favourite and to create further causes to uphold my vows. We offer incense to create the causes to uphold morality or our vows. (Need to create more merit in this department)


My last gift is a pewter Amitayus tsa-tsa – The Buddha of Boundless Life force. It is my hope and prayers that Rinpoche live long to teach and benefit lots of people, which I believe he will. A closeup of the beautiful tsa-tsa is as follows. (If you like to get one… Check out



So with this offering, I would like to wish…




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