Mirror, mirror on the Wall… Who is the Ugliest of Them All?

17 Dec

Glass 1 There is a certain stark reality of staring at myself in a clear mirror. The beauty of my self-image fades with the imperfections of reality. I go on looking and looking at what I once thought of as beautiful but now, it looks absolutely repulsive. The more I look, the more nauseated I am with myself. 

Deep down, this is perhaps how I really see myself and I am totally embarrassed that everyone sees me this way and perhaps there is tingle of familiarity and comfort in confirming how I feel about myself from deep within. Feeling self-defeated in a perpetual cycle of liking and hating myself makes for a tiresome roller-coaster-ride of emotions that goes no where and I end up no where. Sigh! Sorry just some emotional gibberish. Will snap out of it and look outwards instead of inwards by the next post. 

One Response to “Mirror, mirror on the Wall… Who is the Ugliest of Them All?”

  1. liz December 17, 2010 at 10:13 pm #

    These things shouldn’t be a concern for you David . . .Although we all look in the mirror at times and scare ourselves to death! who the hell is that looking back at me hehe ^_^ but it aint no thing . . .there are mirrors around us everywhere in a child’s face in an old person you helped cross the road they are the mirrors of appreciation and love they should be the only mirrors we worry about cracking . . .love to you David nice article on how many of us feel at one point or another :)we get old to show ourselves what we are really made of! ^_^

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