Telling An Old Lady To Be Patient

9 Jan

1192535074QPJO2q I had the most 'wonderful' experience earlier today telling an old lady to be patient with her maid. This lady can't stand constantly reminding her maid and how slow she is. I still told her to be patient but my advice has fallen on deaf ears, I am afraid. My advice made her rant on and on about how much she had to put up with this maid and she stuck 3 fingers in my face and told me that it has been 3 months. Her frustration was all written all over her face. I am thinking… "That's it?"

I can't really justify why I have the audacity to tell an older lady to be patient but I have noticed how meek the maid is and on the other hand, how stubborn and selfish this lady is. This lady just recovered from  a terminal illness and I have seen her drive herself but she prefers to get other people to ferry her around. Honestly, I am irritated by her and at the same time, I feel sorry for her. Her illness didn't do her any good and how much time is left to dwell on such petty things. I don't want to be judgmental of her when there are plenty of people who can't stand me but I just had to say something to her today when I overheard how she screamed/nag at her maid. 

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