Psychology of a Fatty

14 May

This post is inspired by Jamie Khoo’s funny encounter that she posted on her blog. I feel for her… Sigh! I feel fat and I have always felt fat and I am told I am fat! I know I am fat by tipping the scale at 76kgs. On the health-ratio chart, my weight and height puts me on the zone of an obese person. Pah! Such charts are really nonsense sometimes. 

But I have hovered around that weight for over a year now and I have gone through phases of trying to lose it and then being indifferent about it and the cycle continues. Actually, I don’t think I eat a lot but I love to snack. Don’t we all in Kechara? Yes, I know all about the low-carbs diet, high-fibre, no snacking and don’t skip meals. Well, my weight had stubbornly remained the same.  

Right now, I am just considering joining the gym again…


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