Travel Plan

21 Nov

Its the time of the year for travelling again… For work of course. I just got an email of my flight schedule. Usually, it would just be Nepal but this time, I am going to India as well. New Delhi to be exact and this is going to be my first time in Delhi. Will be taking lots of photos and sharing some of it here with you guys.


1.LAI/KOKYUEN MR                                                             

2  RA 416  23NOV 3 KULKTM HK1  0835 1105  23NOV  E  RA/H9T2N

3  IT 066  26NOV 6 KTMDEL HK1  1540 1720  26NOV  E  IT/PFOJKW

4  MH 191  03DEC 6 DELKUL HK1  2310 0650  04DEC  E  MH/X3B20

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