Happy Daddy’s Day!

17 Jun


Last Sunday was father’s day and it was coincidentally my dad’s birthday as well. Well, it ain’t coincidental when it happens every year but whatever.

Unfortunately, I was late for dinner and so we ended up in a Chinese coffeeshop and not anything fancier. Mum was starving and not up to waiting for food as most other eateries are packed with father’s day crowd. So, I presented my dad with this flat cap from Muji (my dad wearing the cap in the picture above). It took my whole afternoon to look for a gift for my dad. To me relief, he examined the cap and he said he really liked it. He was just looking at one the other day and considered buying it but didn’t. Meanwhile, I was glad because it ain’t easy getting a gift for my dad because he is not into things if you know what I mean.

Well, that’s just my dad. He’s frugal and careful with his spending as was probably instilled in him by my grandparents. My dad is basically a man of few words and many people in Kechara know him as Uncle Lai. He is this silent fatherly figure that I grew up to cherish.  He would from time to time sponsor Buddha statues for me and when he knows I am low in funds and I have bills to pay, he would always try to help me. To date, my dad had sponsored a 4ft Lama Tsongkhapa, 3ft Manjushri and 2ft Yamantaka statues. I am very happy about that and I hope he would sponsor more to purify his negative karma and store up merits for a good afterlife.

Here’s just a little something from me… Happy father’s day, Pa!


Here’s a recent photo of my parents when I took them out to watch Iron Man 3. It was a spontaneous decision as my parents hardly go to the movies.


Here’s another of my dad having dinner. He’s in mid-conversation with Mr Lam I think. My dad regularly volunteers at Tsem Rinpoche’s ladrang. It is nice that my dad is spending his silver years in the Dharma. That’s what I most happy about for my dad.

3 Responses to “Happy Daddy’s Day!”

  1. Jim Yeh June 18, 2013 at 11:33 pm #

    Hey David. Your dad is awesome! it’s great that your dad is frugal when it comes to non-dharma stuff and very generous when it comes to sponsoring statues. And David, I think you have too many statues….send some my way?

    • Pastor David Lai June 19, 2013 at 5:34 am #

      Hehehe! Well, I offered the Yamantaka statue to Rinpoche already as it is exquisite and the Manjushri statue is sitting in Kechara Media and Publications (KMP) office in Sunwaymas. I only have the Lama Tsongkhapa statue in my apartment right now. Nonetheless, if you help me bring more traffic to my blog, I don’t mind offering you my other statues. I have quite a few… Hehe!

  2. Elena June 19, 2013 at 7:21 am #

    Sweet post about your pa 🙂 and LOL I love that…I ONLY have the Lama Tsongkhapa statue in my apartment -_-

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