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20 Jul


My trusty current Samsung touchscreen

Recently, I have been itching to change the gadgety gadgets that make my life go round. Well, before you jump to conclusions, I think I have pretty valid reasons. I currently own a Samsung Galaxy Note and a Apple MacBook Pro 17 inch. Both were wonderful gifts from Tsem Rinpoche that I must admit, I didn’t think I really deserved them in the first place. The Samsung phone unfortunately had been slowing down and it doesn’t charge properly anymore because the power socket is loose. What I am doing is to charge my batteries externally using an external battery charger (thank Buddha I bought that). As for the beautiful 4 year old laptop, it is slowing down as well and it weights a hefty 3kgs.


A 3kgs worth of computing power 

So, what am I considering?

The following to replace my phone:-


The yet unreleased Samsung Galaxy Note III



The stupendous techno-wizardry Samsung Galaxy SIV…


292427-apple-macbook-air-13-inch-mid-2012 (1)


the 1kg feather-weight superspeed flash-drive MacBook Air 13″. It’s ok if I lost screen real estate when I can lug this around without neck and shoulder aches.


But then, I saw this picture that was sent via whatsapp and it was just accompanied by an explanation that the rich little white girl on the left was unhappy because of what she got while the poor little black girl on the right was happy with what she got, which was a worn-out bottle slippers. Ok, I was silenced and I decided I didn’t want to be the rich little white girl and I thought I just settle for what I really need and my current phone and laptop is just fine…

But, I might just save up to change the laptop anyway. ; )

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