Appearance as a Meal Ticket

1 Jul

Appearance is  important to most people including myself. But I do come across people who prioritise it above all else. I guess I am in no position to judge people’s priorities in life but from a few people I personally know, I can see very clearly how things don’t really work out. In this world that glorifies materialism and good looks, its no surprise that people would use their appearance to get what they want. 

Well, first of all, you need to be that attractive, otherwise you are not really using your appearance or good looks. By reputation and from my experience talking to people, people who use their appearance as a meal ticket tend to be the most insecure and unhappiest lot when you get to know them. They are insecure about how people would view them all the time. Why is that? So let’s explore that. 

For those who use their appearance as a meal ticket, so to speak are often admired and in some cases, sought after for their appearance and not much else. Hence, the perennial term bimbo or himbo came about and that sounds funny and cute even, but it has an insulting quality to it because usually not considered to be bright or talented. The problem lies in the fact that many do not develop their personality, knowledge, interest and talent that a normal person would have. Some are even downright nasty and its no surprise, people would see them as such. The danger here is that people often get bored with a pretty face when there are so many pretty faces out there. Why would anybody want to get to know your pretty face better when you have nothing else to offer? Hence, there are some people who find it easy to get a partner but unable to keep the relationship. We can attract people with our face but it is our personality or lack of it that scares people away. 

The other aspect of using one’s appearances lies in the fact that it is totally dependant on one’s youth. This is fleeting and before you know it, its gone. This is unless you have fantastic genes but that’s rare and still subject to wrinkles, burgeoning waistline and cellulite. When its gone, gyms, diet plans, plastic surgery and cosmetics are helpful but only to prolong one’s false hope. This is when people get hooked to botox, facelifts and plastic surgery only to distort one’s appearance beyond recognition. There is only so much we can do to stop time when everything else fails.That is what happens, when we prioritise appearance, which is more often than not, leads to problems and despair. 


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