Dreams Do Come True!

6 Apr

David02I can't believe it! Rinpoche just gave me a new laptop as a gift! It is my dream machine! It took me a while to believe my eyes. It was not too long ago that I blogged about my dream machine. Rinpoche saw my blog post and decided that it would be a necessary tool for my Dharma career. 

He bought it and surprised me today! Can you see my silly, bliss-out smile? I am so happy and in fact, I am blogging about this entry on my new 17 inch MacBook Pro laptop. Rinpoche told me that I work hard and I deserve it. I try my best to believe that so that I will do more.  

I know I can't help but feel totally attached with this machine – my pride and joy. Anyway, I would have to write more and come up with even more wonderful posts for this blog. Anyway, whatever it is…. I love my MacBook!!!


Thank you Rinpoche! I really LOVE THIS MACHINE!

I am sorry but I can't help but feel totally silly and funny right now. 

It is 6:47am and I am still wide awake, writing this post. I know! My attachment can really act like energizer batteries.

Time to turn off the laptop and hit the sack….

2 Responses to “Dreams Do Come True!”

  1. Duke Okkelberg April 6, 2010 at 6:56 am #

    Lucky duck! Good for you David. You deserve it. You work very hard to spread the Dharma.
    I rejoice in your happiness.

  2. Joy April 6, 2010 at 7:07 am #

    Haha rejoice for u cos u deserve it!!! X

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