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2 Jul

1.  I recently had a nice interview with Jojo Struys in Kechara Paradise Bangsar store. She is a pretty girl, speaks well, is street-smart and seemed deeper than her makeup. It is part of StarProperty's efforts to have us in it with her talking about Buddhist art. I love Buddhist art, especially Tibetan Buddhist art. So I was there, the strange awkward expert explaining about art. Here is the finished video:-

By the way, KP Bangsar is now closed for relocation to Viva Mall! 

2. Radio Interview on TraxxFM with Priscilla Ann Yap. 

I had a lovely 45 Minutes of LIVE National Airtime on TraxxFM talking about my book, of course – There's No Way But Up.  It was interspersed with a few songs and I not only got to talk about my book but also about Kechara organisation along with Rinpoche. I will be trying to get the recording of this interview from the radio station and will post it up here soon. 

David - Traxx05 

David - Traxx02 

3. Reading The Bodhisattva Vows by Venerable Dagpo Lama Rinpoche at the moment. When I am finished, I would have to give a talk about it. It was of course instructions from Rinpoche and I am right  as type this on my third chapter. 

Photo on 2010-07-02 at 16.22 

4. Silly Random Photos taken on my phone's camera at an Art Gallery. This guys are around 4 – 5 feet high. I believe Kechara Care will be having one of these guys in their new 'lounge'. I can't wait! 






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