The Salesman Who Talked Too Much

30 Oct


Judy Lam on the left and Deborah Pereira sharing a cake…

Judy Lam, our beloved administrator of KMP and Deborah, our equally beloved Production Manager told a rather hilarious story that occurred earlier. Apparently, while I was working away on my laptop, a salesman came up to KMP and tried to sell printing services to Deborah.

However, before she could even offer him a glass of water, this guy whipped out his books and started explaining about the books that he had printed before. He just went on and on about what he had to offer. When he finished explaining about his books, he kept on talking and this time, it was about the Dalai Lama and then about Buddhism and then he started commenting about the political situation in Tibet. Deborah didn’t know what to do and she just went along with the one-way conversation. Occasionally, she made eye contact with Judy. Judy understood the situation and gestured wildly at her wrist watch. She was trying to tell Deborah to excuse herself and say that she didn’t have time to talk.

Somewhere along the way, the salesmen excused himself to the washroom. Judy thought he had left and while helping herself to some water in the pantry, she laughed really loudly and told Deborah that she was trying to save her from the salesman. While she was screaming away from the pantry, the salesman was out listening to this whole commotion. Deborah tried to silenced Judy but to not avail. When Judy finally turned around, she immediately went all red and shut her mouth almost apologetically. The salesman took the hint and left not long after.

When they told me this story, they were teasing each other and I thought it was rather funny and sweet to see our two hardworking KMP staff getting along quite well.

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  1. susan lim October 30, 2010 at 1:40 am #

    hahahaha….knowing Judy and Deborah quite well, i can see the hilarious scene vividly in my mind! aiyoh…can’t help but love them both!

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