Happenings of the Past Week

5 Dec

76722_10150105226346490_703671489_8051693_1350297_n I kinda got off track with my blog for the past week so I would just give you a run down of the emotional roller-coaster ride of the past week. After the Gompa opening, we celebrated our Lama Tsongkhapa day at the new Kechara House. We had the great fortune to have Rinpoche grace the occasion, just 3 days after the Gompa opening. 

I gave a little explanation of Lama Tsongkhapa day or Gaden Ngamcho. This is the day of Lama Tsongkhapa's passing into full Enlightenment. Rinpoche on the other hand, gave a wonderful talk and explanation of the body, speech and mind offerings and a whole lot more! 

I managed to squeeze in two movies during the week, one was Inception and the other was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The much hyped Inception movie was a mind-blower. I mean it blew my mind away with its novel idea of entering into people's minds and messing them up. In some ways it was rather Dharmic because the characters in the movie begin to question their reality at some point. The plot was somewhat complicated if you are not quick to pick up on the explanations of how they create dreams within dreams – simulated reality within another fake reality. Great movie! 

Harry Potter on the other hand was not too bad. I think the cast are a little too old for their AlternateInceptionPoster112410-thumb-550x815-52143 roles. The plot thickens as Voldermort grows in power and seeks to destroy Harry Potter. Unfortunately, he can't kill Mr Potter with his wand so he seeks other means to get Potter. So circumstances forced Potter to make a run for his very life. It is the most adult and darkest of all the Potter movies. Unfortunately, the movies ends with a horrible cliffhanger. The makers are obviously trying to prolong this franchise and milk as much money/publicity as they possibly can. 

Besides movies, I had a really fun time shopping with Rinpoche along with many others at Giants'. It was a Kechara departmental thingy and we got literally heaps of groceries, good, toiletries and stuff for our various departments and Dharma Houses. It was a massive shopping expedition and a whole lot of fun buying food and stuff for staff and volunteers of all our departments. I think many people who haven't seen Rinpoche in a long time got their chance to talk and be near him. That made many people very happy and energised them. That is an amazing quality that Rinpoche possesses.

Last night was one of the few moments in my life I felt real stupid. I guess calling myself stupid is a huge escape and what really happened was that I had been in a lull of laziness to the point of being irresponsible. I was told it was self-sabotage and I am always tripping myself all the time. That's true but anyway, there is nothing new in this for those who know me. I just have to pick up the pieces and move on and somehow become stronger, push myself ahead and move with everyone else. I got to grow up and take charge of my life. <–I need to remind myself daily now. I find being lazy is real tough actually and I am somehow caught in its vicious cycle of laziness and paying the price. Sorry, don't want to bore you with more poor me stories and will get out of this rut and move on with the 'program' soon! 

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