An Evening of Vegies

9 Jun


One of my recent projects was to organise the launch of the cookbook, Eat Healthy, Daily. Li Kim (my boss) wanted it to be more than just a launch, she wanted it to be a platform to promote vegetarianism and turn the whole world green. Well, I wasn't really very keen with the idea as I had no bloody experience and my only assistant was pulled out. 

After a few rounds of talking and planning, it finally came down to executing the plans. I was a bunch of nerves as I got people and venue ready. I contacted Mr Wong Yu Jin, the nutritionist and after a just a feel meets, he was ready to present his vegie talk. I rounded our in-house celebrity designer friend, Eric Choong to host and to tap into his extensive network of friends.  


More importantly, I had to get the press kit, press release and press what not, done. I was basically all over the place and the week of the launch was also the week of the Wesak fair at Sunway Pyramid. That was another set of preparations. I just wanted to kill myself. I had to set up, man the booth and then dismantle everything at the end of it. Thank Buddha, I had some help from the other KMP people. Then, just before the launch, a very cute video called 'Veg in the City' was completed just in time for the launch. 

Well on the day itself, it was nerve-wrecking as nobody was on time and there was a massive jam around the venue, Kechara Oasis Jaya One. My heart sank but we anticipated it but fortunately, a few press folks were there. Anyway, the venue did fill out and it was soon over. I returned to KMP right after and slept the evening through…

Our very own celebrity author, Jamie Khoo and celebrity designer, Eric Choong hosted the launch
Dharma Princess Jamie 'Paris' Khoo and Designer Prince, Eric Choong played the emcee of the evening.

Phng Li Kim, CEO of KMP giving a speech during the launch
 Li Kim giving a delightful speech…

Nutritionist Mr Wong Yu Jin gave an excellent talk on the virtues of being vegetarian
Mr Wong Yu Jin presenting his green points. 

Present at the launch were various members of the media like these writers from VisionKL
The press loved 'Veg in the City'…

Guests and Media loved the little video episode of 'Veg In The City'
Check out the crowd! Phew! I was relieved that people did eventually turn up. 

Here, you can actually watched the whole launch for yourself :-


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