Lemon Detox

18 Aug


Almost everyone I meet in Kechara would ask me whether the stones are out. It is almost like a standard greeting from the people I meet to ask me about my ‘stone’. Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining but I find it rather amusing. Unfortunately, the stone is not out and so I have to resort to alternative treatment, which is where Just Life comes in. Just Life is an organic/vegetarian store that has this Detox program for kidney, gall bladder and liver. It is so effective, my housemate Paul swears by it. So I decided to take the plunge and bought a whole detox retreat, which basically consists of 10 fancy bottles of organic lemon juice.


The retreat consists of diluting a bottle of 200ml of lemon juice with 1400 ml of water and drinking it. A bottle is for one day and the entire retreat lasts 10 days. So, I got myself a fancy water bottle with the right amount of water to dilute the lemon juice. Let’s hope this works because the fancy lemons costs way too much for mere lemon juice. I am right now half-way through and I see no stones except for a few extra zits on my face. But anyway, I am now taking more fluids than I ever have. I guess that’s a good healthy habit that I should keep. 



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