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13 Nov

It’s the time of the year again. It’s Rinpoche’s 46th birthday bash and in whole of Kecharadom, there’s no celebration bigger than this.

Ok, this is very insider talk going on. But I am sure you know what I mean.

Usually, Rinpoche would make his annual appearance at Kechara House Gompa to give an extensive, exciting, delicious, action-packed and awe-inspiring talk. It’s a good time for all Kecharians to listen and get recharged with Rinpoche’s rousing discourse and then there’s a short little puja right after to seal the deal. (>.<) I mean seal the blessings. Then, there’s the lil mountain of gifts right in front that Rinpoche receives yearly from all friends, students and well-wishers.

However, this is extra special. First of all, there’s the release of Rinpoche’s first picture-packed coffee table book. It brings to life Rinpoche’s epic story, from his painful and difficult childhood to adolescent in Hollywood and then becoming a monk, flying to India and somehow arriving in Malaysia. It is an extraordinary book and its truly amazing that all these amazing photos still exists illustrating and giving us a peek into what’s it like to grow up as a selfless and immensely beneficial being. Check out the promo video of this amazing book! 

YouTube Preview Image

The purchase this book online, go to http://www.vajrasecrets.com/the-promise-a-tsem-rinpoche-biography

The other thing is the ordination of the 1st ever Buddhist pastors in the world. Pastors are basically lay priests found in Christianity. Due to years giving talks, advice and teachings, Rinpoche has formulated this pastorship based on Buddhist vows. He envision it to be a bridge between the Buddhist monasticism and the common man on the street. It is a brilliant vision for the future especially in secular society where monks are usually relegated to those who have retired or who have failed in all worldly endeavors. Hence, Rinpoche has handpicked 4 Pastors, each with their own unique personality and contribution towards the Dharma. Check out the special video of these pastors below:-

YouTube Preview Image

This photo show Rinpoche with (L to R) Pastor Susan, Pastor Yek Yee, Pastor Ngeow and Pastor Chia. 

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