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12 Aug

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America is hardly the place you would associate with the impoverished. After a whole decade of a stellar economy, America is really hitting it hard on a downward trend these days and this documentary highlights the lives of 3 different kids experiencing life in a bad economy. In all honesty, I feel for these kids… because life as they explained it, seemed rather bleak. However, someone in the comment section put it into perspective by saying that these kids are not really having it that hard and that’s because they are not out in the cold, suffering abuse or starving.

These kids still have good caring families, nice decent clothes, lots of toys, TV games and so on. They still go to school and they don’t have to work. So, the comment does put this documentary into its place. However, they are still having it hard considering the life of luxury they once had. The black kid used to play video games on a big flat screen TV. He still reminisce of the times he was able to do so. Now, he has to eat on meal times or he would go hungry the whole night through. He’s embarrass of where he is living (salvation army shelter) and won’t tell his peers where’s his living or he’d be teased to death. That’s not much considering what other kids go through but its a lot for him already. However, I don’t like the white girl from Iowa. She sounds spoilt and always fighting with her brother and giving headaches to her ma when she knows she’s having it hard. I prefer the little girl with glasses from San Francisco I think because she talks like an adult despite her age and seems grateful for what she has.

I guess the lesson of the day for me is not just about being glad or grateful I didn’t have it this hard. That’s for sure and a given. I think it is about appreciating people especially those who help and nurture us and not burdening them with our immaturity and petty problems. These impoverished kids may not be suffering like other kids in third world countries but they do give insight on how to cope with dignity when life gets tough. I guess I didn’t like the little girl from Iowa because I see her in me. So, I don’t really like the spoilt brattish part of me and so when a difficult situation arises, may I remember this little girl so I will know better than to be like her. Fingers crossed. Cross my heart and hope to die!

Thank you Rinpoche for a great lesson as usual although it took me several weeks to watch this movie in its entirety.

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