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20 Dec


Hey guys, I have been busy writing scripts and filming of 11 videos that are meant to promote Kechara’s publications. The following pictures are those filming me in my apartment. The premise of this video is of me writing my books. And its not make belief guys… I do write my books in these comfy positions. Hehe!


Between shootings, I was just checking Facebook on my phone while lying on the floor. It was a struggle to get up after the shooting was over.


During filming, I actually opened a browser and started writing up a story. Of course, the words dwindled down to gibberish.


It was getting a little too comfy and trying to entertain myself by throwing paper aeroplanes. Are you wondering what’s the connection? Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the upcoming video then…

There were many other videos besides mine…

Here are just some to give you a taste of what’s to come…


Hunky Steve Yap showing you delicious veggie dishes from our one and only cookbook – Eat Healthy Daily…



Paranormal TV host Li Kim doing a shoot for Peace book.



A very exciting video for If Not Now When? The cameraman filmed the scene using some technical wizardry to ensure an exciting video!


And much more videos to come…

The Kechara book video team consists of myself, Pastor Martin and Wendy Loh writing the scripts. Joy Kam and Jean Mei for art direction, production and various other tasks of arranging props and talents plus Terry and Dino for great technical wizardry of lighting and filming. I have not even mentioned the video editors, which will be doing their work to create fantastic looking videos.

It’s going to be original and exciting videos showcasing Kechara’s books. Stay tune folks.

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